We have a solution to repair the zipper on your sleeping bag!

Please follow the steps below.

This solution will give you a working zipper that does not separate or unzip from the bottom with a second slider. It will however keep you warm and save you replacing the whole zipper or buying a new bag. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

1 Remove bottom slider by cutting just above the pin at the bottom. (If pin is missing slider will come off)

2 Bring the top slider to the bottom and insert both ends of the zipper to start it zipping, then install a bottom stop by punching it through just above any cuts in the zipper.

3 Bend the spikes over with pliers and squeeze them flat

4 And voila! You have a working sleeping bag. And you'll never have to fiddle with the bottom again :)

Outdoor - Zipper Rescue Kit®


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The Outdoor Kit repairs worn out or broken sliders on tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, some jackets, duffle bags, luggage, and a variety of other gear and accessories. The sliders included are nylon coil type and molded plastic tooth zippers commonly found on outdoor gear.

  • If you are not certain the right parts are in this kit, try our Zipper Wizard!

Please note when purchasing:

    • Missing or visibly damaged teeth on zippers cannot be repaired (most of the time, see FAQ #2 for exceptions)
    • Does not repair “box and pin” at the bottom of a separating zipper (comes apart completely at bottom). In this case, the entire zipper must be replaced with a sewing machine.



  • 8 page instruction manual packed with diagrams and tips for zipper repair
  • Quality Replacement sliders in the following sizes:
  • 1x #3 Coil Slider (Double Pull) - Silver
  • 2x #4.5 Coil Slider (Single and Double Pull) - Black & Silver
  • 2x #5 Coil Slider (Single and Double Pull) - Black & Silver
  • 2x #8 Coil Slider (Single and Double Pull) - Black & Silver
  • 2x #5 Plastic Tooth Slider (Single Pull) - Black
  • 6x Bottom Stops - Black & Gold
  • 3x Top Stops - Black
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