Our Mission

Providing simple and practical solutions for do it yourself zipper repair.

Zipper Rescue History

Imagine a world where broken zippers are not the end of the road but simply bumps along the way. Zipper Rescue was originally founded as ZRK Enterprises in 1993 by Mike McCabe. After owning a canvas repair shop in McCall ID for 13 years, and repairing thousands of zippers, Mike discovered that most zippers can be fixed in minutes with the correct replacement parts and simple repair techniques. He designed and created the original Zipper Rescue Kit and went on to grow a small family business that has helped countless people save time and money, and more importantly, preventing the waste of otherwise perfectly good gear. It is amazing how many zippers people use every day, and how little knowledge is available to help us fix them. And this is precisely the reason we exist.

Zipper Rescue is currently owned and operated by Mike’s son, Clay McCabe. As a company, we pride ourselves with excellent customer service, along with two generations of expertise and innovation in the field of zipper repair. We are dedicated to helping people keep the items they love. Your feedback is much appreciated and will help us to improve our products, spreading greater awareness of zippers across the world.